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www.dtp-aus.comThe Australian Copyright Act recognises automatic protection at time of creation, registration is not required, works do not need to be published, and do not need to contain copyright notices. Treaties with over 130 countries participating in the Berne Convention amongst others protect Australian owners in those countries, and owners in those countries are protected in Australia....

- this includes the USA! where registration by US owners is also required.

Although most of the information in these pages cannot be classified as intellectual property, the presentation of this information is copyright protected. The pages, text and graphics contained on this site must not be copied or reproduced by any person or device or method unless otherwise clearly specified as allowable. Contact the author for information concerning the use of these pages by recognised teaching / training institutions (HTML, CD or .PDF). Each page and image is presented as separate work.

Also please contact the author should you recognise these texts and/or graphics being used for training or information transfer in any other situation or place other than this web site, primarily to protect the students being so trained or advised; as any educator qualified by knowledge to present this information otherwise, will have their own presentations suited to their own methods. If one copies information to pass on to others without the authors permission, then one probably does not know the subject, and is unsuitable to present it, and/or is unlawfully gaining by the reproduction.

If you do know the subject matter professionaly, it would be morally and ethically correct to let me know if you would like to use these texts and lessons. These tutorials are not to be taken as definitive presentations of the subjects covered. They are designed as introductions and revisions in areas of Desktop Publishing, Prepress and Web Site production, supporting extensive workplace or college level training that expands on the use of and control with this knowledge through practical assignments etc..

Except where otherwise defined, all text and graphics are copyright protected and remain the property of Ron F Woolley, Melbourne Australia. Therefore, legal removal of and / or compensation for, illegal use of the text and images contained on this site will be pursued.

Registered Trademarks, Logos, Tradenames and product names, used on these pages
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