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Scanning Lab
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Understanding Threshold - learn how to get the best from line scans
Drum & Flatbed Scanners - understand the considerable differences
Flatbed Scanning Hints - 5 pages to help you improve your scanning
Scan-Res download - my FREE windows program; excellent for students
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Scan Res - FREE
Scan-Res program picture
scanres_.zip (1.7Meg)
* scnres~s.zip (115Kb)
Scan Res is a small MS Windows program that will calculate the correct Bitmap resolution (scan etc.) for a given output device resolution, report the number of Grey Levels available plus the uncompressed file size. Also excellent for students.

Because I wrote Scan-Res, I offer the program FREE, legal to copy and use by all - for non-profit ONLY. Let me know what you think.

*If you already have the run time files for VB v4 16bit, download scnres~s.zip - win 3.x & '95/98.
If this does not work, and/or you require the runtime files, the larger sized download file includes all VB 16bit setup files.

An old 16bit program Scanres will not install on Vista, but the smaller zip contents work OK on Windows 8 (and probably Win 7 too) once run-time compatibility options are set.

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