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Colour Blender - coloured text displays in any browser
Program will output HTML Code for colour blended text... no need for visitors Javascript or plugins!
Using the HTML Tag creator for Colour Blended Text...
By submitting a short line of text and choosing the start and end colours as Hexadecimal values, you will receive a sample view plus the HTML Tags code that generates the result.
• There are random colour and mirror options also.
• Simply drag your cursor over the code that appears in a new window, then copy and paste that code into your HTML web page - done!
   You can refer to the 216 Safe Color image at the bottom of the page.
Your Code will appear in a New Window. This page will remain.
Select your Start Colour Hex#
Red:   00 33 66 99 CC FF
Green:   00 33 66 99 CC FF
Blue:   00 33 66 99 CC FF
Select your End Colour Hex#
Red:   00 33 66 99 CC FF
Green:   00 33 66 99 CC FF
Blue:   00 33 66 99 CC FF
Sans Serif 
As Heading
    H1   H2   H3
Use Special
MIRROR Colours
    (reverse repeats selections)

RANDOM Colours
    (overrides selections)
Enter the TEXT you want to colourise, here: ( max. of 70 char's )
This tool uses a CGI program. Therefore your browser does not have to be Java / JavaScript compliant

Not know how to read the 216 Safe Colour values? learn from the Safe Colour Chart page.
216 Safe Colour reference GIF (51636 bytes)
You are welcome to copy this image for your own personal reference ONLY!
OR, if you wish to display it, the image must be accompanied by a readable link back to dtp-aus.com.

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